Cuvée Pálava

Cuvée Pálava 2016

Vesnice Bavory-Perná (classical range)


varieties: Palava 70 %, Solaris 30 %

vineyards: Hermesdorfen (Perná), Pod Pálavou (Bavory)

residual sugar: 3.5 g/l (dry)

acid: 7.2 g/l

alcohol: 13 % obj.

tasting notes: Golden-yellow colour with a hint of green as well as pronounced tears down the inside of the glass. Lifted and distinctive aromas of lychee and spices which reminds the drinker that Palava was derived from the Gewürztraminer variety. In addition, this full-bodied wine has tones of ripe yellow peach and apricots as well as candied fruit and almonds. This highly aromatic wine has refreshing, juicy acidity and a long finish.

For more information about this wine see the wine technical sheet.

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