Pinot Noir Bergrus

Pinot noir Bergrus 2016

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Bergrus is the premium range of our red wines (named after the vineyard Bergrus). For this wine, we select grapes from the best locations. The wines are aged for 12 months in both new and old oak barrels. After bottling we leave the wine to condition for at least 6 months before release.

variety: Pinot noir

vineyards: Bergrus (Perná)

residual sugar: 0.5 g/l (dry)

acid: 5 g/l

alcohol: 14.5 % vol

tasting notes: Pinot noir Bergrus has a dark, red colour with a hint of brick red. It has a lifted bouquet of stonefruit and dried plums as well as spice aromas, such as bay leaves and cloves. This full-flavoured wine has flavours of well-ripened fruit and chocolate flavours which enhance the complexity. The texture is characterized by supple, silky tannins and elegant undertones of wood. This wine has excellent persistence.

For more details regarding this wine, please see the wine technical sheet.

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