Sauvignon Hermes

Sauvignon Hermes 2015

Hermes is the premium range of white wines from our winery (named after the vineyard Hermesdorfen). For wines of the Hermes range, we select the grapes from the best parts of our vineyard. The wines are fermented and aged in both new and old oak and acacia barrels. We gently perform a delicate bâtonnage for the period of 10 months. After bottling we leave the wine to condition for several months before release.

varieties: Sauvignon blanc

vineyards: Hermesdorfen (Perná)

residual sugar: 4.5 g/l (dry)

acid: 6.5 g/l

alcohol: 13.5 % vol

tasting notes: Yellow-green colour with hints of platinum as well as pronounced tears down the inside of the glass.The fresh and clean aroma is characterized by tones of citrus fruits and acacia flowers. The flavour is full and balanced, completed with juicy acid. This wine has a long finish as well as a potential for further aging.

For more details regarding this wine, please see the wine technical sheet.

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